Selecting your MULTILIFT skiploader

MULTILIFT | 6 july 2020 13:44 PM

Top 10 questions to ask when selecting a skiploader 

From single trucks to entire fleets, your choice of skiploader can make all the difference. Especially today as more and more operators are working in increasingly challenging conditions, like narrow streets in urban areas.


Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a skiploader. 

1. Does the skiploader offer me the highest possible payload?
Payload is profit. The more you can haul in each trip, the better. A lot of elements go into enabling higher payloads, including enhanced cylinders, streamlined designed, etc. One crucial feature is the base weight of the skiploader. Lighter weight will, of course, increase your legal payload. But be sure it is constructed with high-strength metal such as steel to be able to handle the load.

2. What kind of obstacles could I encounter and have to reach over?
Whether it is a fence in the way or some other obstacle, sometimes you cannot get close to the skip, and you may even need to work from an unaligned angle. Certain skiploaders have specially designed arms that allow you to operate in these types of conditions where others cannot without jeopardising stability and safety. 

3. Are there any options that make it easier to cover my load?
You can either cover your skip load manually with a tarp, chains, ropes or invest in an automatic systems that save time and your back. Check for simplicity and safety in these automatic systems, with features such as bolt-on interfaces and the ability to operate them safely with radio controls

4. How durable is the paint?
Wear and tear is inevitable on a skiploader. However, certain paint procedures and technologies last longer and look better than others. For example, pre-painting the components and offering zinc primer for the main frame already at the factory is a great way to ensure high and long lasting quality.

5. What type of controls work best for my work situation, safety and budget?
Skiploaders are available with different types of control systems — from tried-and-true pneumatic manual hand controls to state-of-the-art PLC (Programmable Logic Controls). Yet smart control is not just about technology. It is also about thinking ahead. So make sure your skiploader offers flexibility for easy retrofitting.

6. Can I get smart features that help make my work easier and more profitable?
Newer generation skiploaders are breaking ground with simple-to-operate, yet powerful technologies that boost business. For example, you can get dynamic on-board weighing systems that can help you achieve maximum load without the risk of going over. Plus, you can provide an exact proof for receipt purposes.. 

7. What safety standards do I need to follow or set?
Safety can never be underestimated. Look for skiploaders with critical safety elements in place — such as hydraulic side stops, hydraulic container lock and precise controls combined with safety interlocks — as well as smart alarms to alert you before trouble happens. 

8. How quickly can I get my skiploader installed and delivered?
The quicker you get your new skiploader on the road, the better. Look for smart installation features that are designed both for speed and accuracy to ensure top performance once assembled.Quicker installation saves your money therefor the initial investment is smaller.

9. What help is available for service and to ensure my skiploader complies with inspection protocols?
You do not make money with a skiploader that spends more time in service than in operation. Look for options that take care of routine skiploader services and inspections — from planning to follow-up. This gives you the highest probability of avoiding unnecessary and unexpected downtime so you can produce as planned. 

10. Do I plan to upgrade or change my skiploader in the future?
Resale value is an important consideration for many skiploader owners. If you plan to upgrade or change your skiploader in the future, take an extra close look at the durability and ease of care as well as the long-term service and warranty support available.


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