Most advanced generation of skiploaders

With over 100 innovations packed into the innovative design, MULTILIFT Futura is fully equipped to take your business to new levels of productivity, safety and flexibility. The new-generation of skiploaders are built to take on the toughest of jobs today and tomorrow.



Owners and operators of skiploaders know the challenge to perform starts over every day. Find out how the new-generation MULTILIFT Futura skiploader makes every day smarter, faster and safer.


The remote control for MULTILIFT Futura puts safety in your hands, making every workday safer and more efficient. Combine with MULTILIFT SkipTop™ automatic load cover for complete efficiency while operating safely.

Increase reach

The distinctive MULTILIFT SwanNeck™ design features a perfectly calculated curve in combination with extra long telescopic arms to increase skiploader reach. Lift containers with perfect stability even while lifting over fences and obstacles or from an unaligned angle.


Improved payload

EvoLight™ construction allows for more payload on all MULTILIFT Futura skiploaders. The completely redesigned lightweight steel construction gives 300-500kg more legal payload without compromising strength. The high strength/low weight ratio means more on each load and during transporting while still saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions. The new design also includes optimised cylinders and steel castings that strengthen and streamline the construction.


Perfect coverage

Automatically cover any load quickly and securely with SkipTop™ technology. At the touch of a button you can save physical strain and eliminate the need to climb up and wrestle with covers and ropes and achieve a higher safety standard on the road. Available for all Futura models and safe to operate with radio or manual controls.



Offering total control

FlexControl™ offers the freedom to customise your skiploader and only pay for what you need, when you need it. The modular system makes retrofitting easy so you can change as your business needs change. Control options can be in-cab, outside, radio remote controlled or a customised combination.

Additional smart options include:

  • Dynamic onboard weighing system that weighs the container during loading
  • Smart drive
    • for telescopic arms and stabiliser legs
    • for both RH/LH sides to operate simultaneously or independently
    • keeping constant speed regardless of direction or functions being used
  • PLC control system with CAN bus interface
  • Two-speed comfort drive for main arms
  • Fast-speed offload with safety interlock

Boosting total safety

Achieve the ultimate safety for both the operator and the surrounding working environment with SafetyPlus™. Innovations come together to create the new generation skiploaders that minimise risks in all working environments.

Smart features include:

  • Hydraulic front lock
  • Precise controls
  • Rated lashing points
  • Hydraulic side stops
  • Hydraulic rear lock
  • Manually adjustable and locked container side and front stops
  • Pneumatic safety latch for tipping hook