Discover a new family of hooklifts that get the job done; available for two, three and four axle trucks that deliver superior quality and value for money. The MULTILIFT Optima range consists of 15, 20 and 25 tonne capacity hooklifts with the ability to work faster with a higher payload than any other.

Unrivalled quality and safety features including:

  • Hooklift controller with a range of up to four options
  • Light and strong frames for increased payload
  • Options available: e.g.: Automatic sequence, fast speed, friction relief and additional hydraulics


Features you can count on

The key to better business is performing routine tasks reliably, day in, day out. MULTILIFT Optima provides the functions to perform like clockwork, over and over without fail.


Optimise load

CapacitySpecific™ design optimises the capacity for each load, even in the most challenging conditions. MULTILIFT Optima manages predictable, repetitive loads with ease, distributing the right amount of power for dependable performance.


Attractive price

ValueBuy™ provides exceptional value and return on your investment. Every detail of the MULTILIFT Optima is built with the highest performance standards in mind and streamlined with the exact functions needed for all loading tasks.


Higher payload

EvoLight™ construction uses high-strength steel resulting in a light, lean and tough piece of equipment. Achieve a higher payload without compromising strength, which means a heavier haul while still saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.

Increase speed

Fast Performance™ increases operational speed with fast tipping and fast unloading to give a significant productivity boost.

Superior safety

SafetyPlus™ incorporates state-of-the-art features that ensure superior safety for both the operator and the surrounding working environment.